Oil Alternatives and Energy

Oil Alternatives - Background

"Even if we were to assume that... the next 20 years of global oil demand growth was flat...  we would have to find and develop 4 new Saudi Arabias....we have to leave oil before oil leaves us."

 "Dr. Faith Biron, chief economist at the International Energy Agency (IAE)"

Oil Dependence is a critical and urgent problem, globally and in Israel and must be addressed through what drives it – transportation


  • Transportation constitutes approximately 80% of global crude oil demand
  • Oil derived fuels constitute approximately 90% of the fuels that drive the world’s road vehicles.
  • Oil demand for transportation is more rigid than for other purposes


  •  Every billion cubic meters of Natural Gas in Israel's transportation will save every year $370mm
  • By 2025, we estimate that if Israel were to switch to 100% natural gas based transportation, approximately 9 BCM would be required each year to satisfy the demand. In that year, natural gas based transportation may save $8.5 billion every year on Israel oil bill compared to "business-as-usual"

Our work is driven by:

  1. Israel’s Oil Alternatives Industry as an engine for economic growth

  2. Optimizing resources for Israel’s energy infrastructure

  3. Global geopolitical considerations

  4. Global economics considerations

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Encouraging the Development of Oil Alternatives

Encouraging the Development of Oil Alternative heb

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