The IEP Database of Oil Alternative Companies

The IEP Database of Oil Alternative Companies

The database of Oil Alternative Companies is maintained and updated by the Israeli Institute for Economic Planning. ("IEP Database of OACs").

Since 2009 the IEP Database of OACs has been the central reference point of the industry in Israel. It continues to be updated.

The Israeli Institute for Economic Planning originally undertook the Oil Alternatives project in conjunction with the National Economic Council at the Prime Minister's Office.

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About the Taxonomy

Oil dependence has perpetuated despite billions of USD being allocated to the Clean Technology sector. This funding allocation may give the impression that adequate investment has been directed at funding technology solutions to overcome oil dependence. In fact, most monies allocated to Clean Technology relate to the consumption of fossil fuels which generate electricity; not oil.

For this reason the Israeli Institute for Economic Planning constructed a novel in-house taxonomy for the Oil Alternatives industry.

Our taxonomy is built on several layers. These layers enable  start-ups, industries, companies and investors- to drill down to the technology solution

  • Production value chain
  • Technology pathway
  • End-product
  • Area of scientific expertise

Encouraging the Development of Oil Alternatives

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Israel Oil Alternative Companies

The Oil Alternatives and their Ecosystem

מאגר הנתונים של המכון - חברות תחליפי נפט בישראל