Energy Security - An Economic Prism

Israel's Energy Security - an Economic Prism

The Institute is involved in continuous work related to the energy sector in Israel and in particular the potential of natural gas for Israel’s local economy, making Israel oil independent on an economic basis.

  • The spectrum of energy possibilities available should be according to economic attractiveness at any one time.
  • The State of Israel should ensure a competitive energy market in which there are simultaneously, variable energy source to various end-sectors.
  • In the transportation market and other markets, adequate provisions and incentives must be provided

Preliminary estimates of the Institute indicate that oil used for land transportation in Israel, if replaced by natural gas, may save the Israeli economy approximately $ 2.65 billion a year on spending of raw materials (2010 figures). Using natural gas to replace oil based products can significantly expand the economic base of Israel's domestic natural gas economy. It is the view of the Institute that Israel's energy policy must be grounded in the goal to ensure energy capacity for two to three to three generations.

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