Economic Enforcement

Economic Enforcement

In 2013 the Institute intends to explore the issue of “Personal Security” and its impact on Israel's economic competitiveness.

In recent decades many enforcement systems were added in various economic areas such as securities, antitrust, money laundering, etc. Also, the police gave special emphasis on sophisticated crime. However, it seems that the usual criminal domain such as property offenses may be neglected, due to lack of funding and prestige.

Therefore, the Institute seeks to examine the following areas:

  • Is there a decrease in “regular" crimes as oppose to “sophisticated” crimes?
  • What is the proportion between the economic damage caused by sophisticated crime to the resources assigned to its enforcement?
  • Is the problem in lack of enforcement of “regular" crimes (if there is in fact a problem), is due to low budgets, manpower allocation, etc. 
  • What changes (if any) are required as a result of the above mentioned data?

The purpose of the Institute is to thoroughly understand the economic damages caused by crime. 

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