General FAQ

Question: What is the Institute's political affiliation?

Answer: The Institute is a nonpolitical body - and not connected with any of the parties or political movements in Israel

Question: Is the Institute funded by the State of Israel?

Answer: No. The Institute is not funded by the State. All donations for the activities originate from the Institute’s founder and chairman - Mr. Yossie Hollander

Question: Does the Institute sell its research to Israel?

Answer: No. The Institute does not sell its research to the State of Israel or to anyone else for that matter. All the researches and studies are public and published on the Institute’s website to which access is free to all and free of charge.

Question: A fee for reviewing the work of the Institute?

Answer: No. The institute’s research is public and published on the website of the Institute, to which access is free to all and is free of charge. You can also contact the Institute and request to review specific research or receive notifications of future studies.

Question: What subjects the Institute has dealt with so far?

Answer: Since its founding to the present, the Institute has dealt with a variety of topics, including, among others: the cost of Law Enforcement, Freedom of Information Act, competitiveness, alternative fuels, integrating Israeli Arabs into the economy, structural changes recommended in higher education and the promotion of tourism as a growth engine.

Question: Why these particular issues?

Answer: The above issues reflect the purpose of the Institute which is to promote Israel's economy by either removing barriers faced by Israeli entrepreneurs seeking to establish or invest in companies (such as freedom of information, and cost of law enforcement) or by developing new growth engines such as alternative fuels or existing growth engines such as tourism.

Question: What else is on the agenda of the Institute?

Answer: The Institute is currently in the advanced stages of research on the cost of living and in the initial stages of research on regulatory-efficiency and cost of law enforcement.

Question: Who within the institute is in charge of deciding

Answer: In general, the Institute and its administration (CEO and managing-committee members) are the responsible for selecting projects. However, we are open for research proposals by other factors including, members of the Institute, Institute’s employees and the public itself. You may contact us and offer suggestions for research in the fields of economics and competition.

Question: Has the Institute been incorporated in committees

Answer: Yes. In recent years, the Institute’s CEO, Mr. Dror Strum, represented the Institute in the Governance Committee, the Committee for Social and Economic Change (Trachtenberg Committee) and the Committee to examine the Prime Minister's Office headquarters (Kucik Committee)