Yossie Hollander - Chairman

Yossie Hollander is a high-tech entrepreneur and investor and one of the pioneers of Israels software industry.  In 1982, he founded the 4th Dimension Software Ltd. (4D) later named New Dimension Software Ltd an enterprise system and management software company, which he managed until 1994.  The company went public on NASDAQ in 1992 and was sold to BMC Software in 1999 for $650 million.

Yossie founded and invested in many software companies, among them, in 1990 Hollander and his brother Gideon established Jacada, a software company which provides unified desktop and process optimization software solutions for the customer service and support market. Hollander served as Chairman of the companys Board from 1995-2007, and continues today as a member of the board of directors.  The company went public on NASDAQ in 1999.

In the past decade, Hollander has devoted much of his time to public and philanthropic activity. As a son of Holocaust survivors, Hollander supports Yad Vashem, ADL, the Shoah Foundation and additional organizations involved in the subject. Hollander is the main supporter of the Yad Vashem project of collection of all the names of people who perished in the Holocaust.  He initiated and supports Echoes and Reflections the largest Holocaust education program in the US. He serves on the National board of ADL and as a member of the board of USC Shoah  Foundation and is a  member of the Board of Councilors of USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences

Yossie Hollander joined the Weizmann Institutes International Board in 2001.  His decade-long philanthropy has given invaluable impetus to the Institutes work in proteomics with the creation of the national-level Israel Structural Proteomic Center. A few years ago, he initiated among Weizmann Institute scientists a brain-storming focused on alternative energy possibilities. This cross-disciplinary exchange resulted in the Alternative Energy Research Initiative, which has benefited from his own generous philanthropy and the ensuing support from additional donors.

Hollander is involved and supports many organizations dealing with energy issues with an emphasis on eliminating the world addiction to oil. He is the founder and chairman of Our Energy Policy Foundation dedicated to creating an open dialogue and agreement on the US energy policy..  Yossie Co-founded Fuel Freedom Foundation the most comprehensive effort to-date to eliminate the US dependence on oil. Yossie is a member of the Advisory Board of Cornell University Center for a Sustainable Future.

He serves as Chairman of the Israeli Institute for Economic Planning. The Institute sponsors studies on the Israeli economy and promotes policies and legislation that strengthen the free market economy in Israel.  Among the subjects the Institute is engaged in: the poverty problem, structural and legal changes in the land and housing sector, Israels capital needs, Israel as a center for oil replacement technologies, the excess bureaucracy, improving governance, and the freedom of information. 

Dror Strum - President

Mr. Dror Strum is an expertadvocate on Economic Regulation. Up until the end of 2005 he was the General Director of the Israel Antitrust Authority "IAA", since 2001).  Before that he was the General Counsel of the IAA (sunce 1997).

In his term, Mr. Strum laid foundations to modern regulation, advocating for deregulation, abandoning the mass of "sector oriented" regulation and shifting the gravity to general, uniform-principled & enforceable regulation (Competition & Consumer Protection).

Mr. Strum is a Law Graduate (Cum Laude) from Tel Aviv University.  He was an associate and a partner at the Tel-Aviv law firm of Zadok & Co. (1990-1997).  His practice focused on Contracts & Corporate law, Intellectual Property, Administrative and Competition Law. He engaged in complex litigation, including before the Court of Restrictive Trade Practices and the Supreme Court.

At 1997, Mr. Strum was invited to join the Israel Antitrust Authority (established only two years before), as its Chief Legal Counsel. In this capacity, Mr. Strum directed major Antitrust litigation cases, both criminal and civil, argued before the Supreme Court and initiated a comprehensive reform in the Israeli Competition Law (2000), in order to adjust it to the modern environment of business and globalization.

As the General Director of the IAA, Mr. Strum was intensively involved in the design of competition policy & Competition Regulation in Israel as well as in major reforms in the Israel economy. He focused mainly on Capital and Infrastructures markets (Telecom, Transportation & Energy).

Mr. Strum was a member of the "Bachar Committee" and was in a leading role in the split of the refineries reform (consummated in 2006-7). He also was responsible for the establishment of a new authority (the "Fair Trade & Consumer Protection Authority" - 2006) and headed an intra-ministerial task force that formed its powers and policy in the years to come (2008).

 Mr. Strum represented Israel on the OECD Competition Commission hearings and was also a member of the ICN (International Competition Network) Steering Group and chaired, from 2002 to 2005, the Merger's Investigative Techniques group of the ICN.

Mr. Strum is currently heading the "Israel Institute for Economic Planning", a non-profit organization exploring ways and conducting researches on Israel economy "bottlenecks" and barriesrs to growth & expansion; He is also in private practice, representing corporations in the field of Economic Regulation issues.

From 1998 Mr. Strum gives course in the IDC (Competition Law; Corporate Law; Regulation); the Hebrew University in Jerusalem (advanced course in Competition Law); and Bar-Illan University (Competition & Telecom Regulation).   

Yael Tabak - Legal Adviser

Yael-Isca Tabak is the Legal Adviser For the Israeli Institute for Economic Planning.

Yael joined IEP in 2007. Her role involves both procedural work regarding IEP status with the Israeli Registrar of Associations and researching the fields of Governance and Competitiveness.

Yael holds a L.L.B in Law and a B.A. in Governance from The Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya (with Honors) and a L.L.M in Commercial Law from Tel-Aviv University. (The Executive LL.M. Program in Commercial Law is in cooperation with the University of California at Berkeley, Boalt Hall School of Law).

Yael teaches Contract Law at The Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya and works as a teaching assistant for IEP's CEO, Mr. Dror Strum in his courses: Antitrust Law and Introduction to Regulation. 

Ariella Berger - Head of Oil Alternatives

Berger, a native of the UK, has over 15 years experience in finance, energy and commerce.

In the UK and Israel, Ariella held various senior positions across finance. She started her career in 1995 derivatives and worked for over three years at Chase Manhattan Bank London in Market Risk management. Ariella moved to Israel and transferred her area of specialty to Venture Capital, serving as Vice President of Investment Banking at Yazam Inc, a Jerusalem based international investment boutique. Following this, Ariella was recruited as CEO of the Israeli office of a UK publically listed Venture Boutique where she sat on boards and found investments.  In 2003 Ariella was recruited by Bank Hapoalim to take responsibility for Trading Sales on the trading floor. In 2006 Ariella founded IIC Group Ltd, an Israel and Turkey based Clean Technology Consultancy specializing in carbon finance and commerce.

Since 2009, Ariella worked the Israeli Institute for Economic Planning.  Her areas of interest include economics, global oil and natural gas markets, technology, finance. She interfaces with leaders in industry, technology start-ups, government and academia. Ariella holds a Joint BSc in Mathematics & Philosophy and MSc in Mathematical Trading and Finance. She has published articles and opinion pieces in publications including Euromoney Finance Magazine, The Israeli Export Institute and given lectures at various Israeli universities and public speaking forums

Eleanor Kalfizada - Economic Adviser

Eleanor Kalifzada is the Economic Adviser for the Israeli Institute for Economic Planning.
Eleanor joined IEP in 2009. Her role involves economic research the fields of "Cost of Living", "Cost of Crime" and Competitiveness.
Eleanor served as a Senior Economist in The Israeli Antitrust Authority for three and a half years, reviewing mergers & acquisitions, restrictive arrangements and monopolies. 
Eleanor holds a L.L.B in Law and a B.A. in Economics from Tel-Aviv University.