The Israeli Institute for Economic Planning’s Vision

We are constantly striving to promote Israel's economy as a free and competitive market, without barriers that might prevent the establishment of new businesses that can create growth and employment opportunities and develop human capital. All this, while limiting government intervention to market failures and to the creation of an optimal infrastructure for entrepreneurship and equal opportunities growth.

Israel's economy today - is this: highly concentrated markets, filled with monopolies and power-centers that suffocate the development of any new businesses and entrepreneurship. These are assisted by the rules, regulations, standards and government decrees.

The development and growth of the business backbone of the economy - is blocked and narrowed by abundant red tape arrays, competitive capital market, workers who can disable the basic infrastructure of the economy and especially "entry and exit gates" to and from it.

Of all those are delegated by weak governance of the government and by a public sector whose supply function is un-flexible. The bottom line is that all this adds up  to a rate of efficiency and productivity that is much lower than the economic potential.

Therefore what required is an extensive repair – a change of 'genetic code', meaning the cultural-economic system in Israel. This can be done by:

  • Promoting competitiveness by focusing on lowering cost of living and increasing the ability to make a living from work;
    • introducing competition in the foundation course of the economy: capital, land and labor;
    • The discovery and systematic removal of growth and competition barriers;
  • Returning governance to the public sector:
    • Increasing the ability to establish and implement policies and reducing dependence on public monopolies
    • Strengthening balancing mechanisms: transparency of information, Accountability,  professionalism, and the elimination of conflicts of interest
    • Strengthening the power of the Knesset (Parliament) to monitor the government
  • Focusing the government in creating infrastructure for business growth – as a guiding target for the government:
    • appropriate corporate and tax legislation, reducing number and duration of incorporation procedures and any unnecessary bureaucracy
    •  Assist in creating markets
    •  A determined enforcement of the rule of law and eliminate of damage caused to the economy by violations of the law

For these purposes the Institute was established and operates.

The Institute believes in persuasion and dialogue: for that purpose it conducts systematic studies on these issues, processing recommendations for achieving its goals and forwarding this information to the public and the decision makers.

The Institute aims to flood the information to the general public, talk to the general public, stand up and voice its opinion in front of decision makers and try to convince them all with its positions.

The institute has no political affiliation – our fundamental values ​​are those of objectivity and clarity.

All of these constitute an organic part of the required cultural amendment to our society - not just the 'what' is broken but also 'how' to fix it.