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The Israeli Institute for Economic Planning

The Israeli Institute for Economic Planning is a non-profit organization, working to change the Israeli economy into a free market, competitive modern economy

The Institute's research focuses on the problems that prevent the Israeli economy from reaching its full potential. The Institute’s main goal is to offer practical solutions for such problems.

The Institute's current areas of activity include: the desired future direction of the Israeli economy, the poverty problem and solutions, structural and legal changes in the land and housing sector,  Israel  capital needs, the excess bureaucracy, the defense budget and the freedom of information legislation.

The Institute is led by Mr.  Dror Strum , former General Director of the Israeli Antitrust Authority. The Institute is not affiliated with any political party. It employs experts in the specific fields of operation and is committed to a professional problem analysis and to presenting practical recommendations to the decision makers in the parliament, the government and to the general public.

The Institute has an ongoing relationship with public figures from all sectors of the Israeli society and with parliament and government members. The Institute consults and supports legislative initiatives in its areas of interest.